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Are you looking for an integrative way to practice yoga? Cycles: A Movement Journey is for you if: 


  • You can't find time or energy for a full hour-long yoga practice
  • You're looking for a way to integrate yoga into your life
  • You want to be supported by yoga through the day
  • You want to begin to listen intuitively to your body

In Cycles: A Movement Journey, you get three 20-minute movement practices, tailor made for different times of the day.

Each practice offers gentle ways for you to get to know your body, and invites you to ask yourself a vital question:

What do I need at this time?

Your three practices are:

Morning Refresh

(16 minutes)

A practice to get the joints moving and begin to invite movement. 

Midday Nourish

(17 minutes)

A chair yoga practice for you to do at home, or even at the office.

Candlelight Restore

(24 minutes)

A soothing, gentle practice that invites and welcomes rest

Cycles: A Movement Journey


3 month access

  • Self-guided: practice at your pace
  • Short sessions to integrate into your day
  • Receive gentle guidance and be invited to move the way your body needs
  • Options and suggestions to come into shapes differently, because we're all different
  • 3 month access: Enough time for you to build your own cycles!
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