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Private Sessions 

If you’re looking to begin a personal practice, private sessions are a great option to consider. Each session is custom-crafted to your needs, and always includes a blend of sensorial engagement (incense and essential oils) and sound (mantra, singing bowls and music). 

Every session is customisable. If you’re looking at just focusing on breathwork or meditation, or want to build foundations of an asana practice. Maybe you have a group of friends you’d like to practice with, or are celebrating a birthday or a life change. No matter the situation, I’d love to help you find connection with each other, or dive a little deeper into the self. 

Whether I have the privilege to guide you for one session or twenty, my intention is to always leave you with the tools you need to nurture and amplify your own personal practice. 

Bookings for private in-person sessions in Singapore are open, with availability from May 20th to July 2nd. 

Bookings for private online sessions are currently closed.

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