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I love combining yoga and meditation with other modalities and the healing arts, to create unique experiences. Here are some of my favourites:

In January 2022, I hosted Yoga & Oracle sessions at Kita Kita! Vol. 1, a creative market that centred Brown folks and minorities. At the market, I did readings for folks using yoga cards and oracle cards, offering them space in a private room afterwards to work with suggested asana based on what the cards revealed to them. 

I have also had the privilege of working with numerous creative folks. Alongside visual narrator Art by Radha, we co-created unique art and visualisation sessions inspired by the elements: Into the Forest, focused on wood and earth, and Enter the Waters, influenced by the seas and oceans. These sessions were conducted in intimate groups and merged guided creative visualising with the creation of a unique art piece. In 2021, we had the privilege of re-running Enter the Waters at the Singapore International Festival of Arts

Collaborating with other queer, brown folks also brings me a lot of joy. One of my first projects was sun/light/moon, with Irie Aman and Aqi Faizall. This series of three workshops, which we ran both online and in-person, combined journaling, tarot, art and therapy, yoga and breathwork practices over the course of three sessions, helping participants embody and explore what the energies of the sun, light and the moon meant to them. 

More recently, I ran a Celestial Circle with Nara from My Grandmama's Secret, which merged mindful breathwork, asana and dance in an intimate setting focused on the energy of the heart.

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