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Welcome, friend. 

I'm Leanna.

When I started practicing yoga, I found that spaces often didn't have room for me: a non-hyperflexible, lesbian, brown person. In the practices I share with you, I want you to experience the powerful difference of practicing where you are seen in your precious identities and treated with respect and softness. 

I believe in the importance of bringing the healing practices of yoga and meditation to people to whom they have been denied. Your healing is important. The focus of my teaching is a mindful awareness of the connection between body and breath. Using this connection, we will explore ways to find collective liberation.

I offer you an invitation to welcome rest, curiosity and awareness. Liberation is your birthright. Let’s find it together.

What people loved

Leanna’s Yoga for the Soul was the nourishment I did not know I needed in my life. In one hour, I was able to feel my tension release and my mind be cleared from the stresses of the day. It was reassuring to feel that she was changing the postures to fit me, rather than feeling like there was something wrong with my body when I could not fit the postures. 

- Lakshmi S. 

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Leanna, she's such a warm and caring soul! She was able to merge the idea of an oracle reading with guidance about what yoga postures I could incorporate into my routine. Throughout the session, I felt that she was a great listener and offered me a look at yoga that I’d never though about before.

- Cheryl Y. 

Leanna conducts her sessions with grace, and grounds you and the practice in its history and culture, and moves you to engage with yoga as a wellness activity, not a fitness one. Her teaching and her own personal energy and outlook on reclaiming yoga has been instrumental in my own personal journey of growth, and I would not hesitate to attend a million more sessions!

- Veera R.